Zebra FX9600 and FX7500

Open the web interface, which can be done by combining the model type (FX7500) with the last six characters of the MAC address (e.g. 84:24:8D:7F:F7:47), e.g.


Default username and password

  • Username: admin
  • Password: change

Update to the latest firmware

Before you start, make sure that the reader is updated to at least the firmware version (3.9.16), which you can find at the start page of the web interface on the reader.


Do not use firmware 3.10.30

There is a bug in firmware 3.10.30 that causes the reader to randomly stop working after a while, which is not recoverable other than a power cycle. Please use a previous version (e.g. 3.9.16) or a newer version (e.g. 3.21.23).


Do not use firmware 3.21.21

There is a bug in firmware 3.21.21 that causes all antennes to continuously connect/disconnect, which in the end causes the reader firmware to crash. Please use a previous version (e.g. 3.9.16) or a newer version (e.g. 3.21.23).

You can find more information on the update process on the Zebra website: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/software/operating-system/fx7500-series-operating-system.html


Firmware older than 2.7.19

Please be aware that when the current firmware is older than 2.7.19, you need to update to 2.7.19 first, before you can update to the newest firmware.


Firmware update methodology

Best experiences with updating are using a FAT-formatted USB stick where you put on the files, and updating starts as soon as the USB stick is detected by the reader.

Execute a factory reset

This step might be optional, but is included to make sure that this manual starts off at a consistent starting point.

You an execute the factory reset in the web interface on the reader when selecting the 'Shutdown' option in the menu on the left side.

Configure the region

After the factory reset, you need to configure the region. This page automatically appears when you log in to the web interface of the reader again after the factory reset.

Configure region ('European Union') and enable 'Frequency Hopping' and tick all channels.

Tick 'I Understand' and press 'Set Properties'.

Download reader agent

Click here to download the reader agent.

Install reader agent

In the web interface, go to the 'Applications' page. Under 'Install New Package', browse the .deb file, and click 'Install'. This will take some time.

Now you can start the application by clicking the red round circle. You can tick 'AutoStart' to make the application start automatically after boot. A green circle indicates that the application is starting. The application takes a few minutes to start.

Wait until the App LED on the devices turns green before continuing with the next step.

App LED status

  • Yellow, blinking Initial connection attempt
  • Red Not connected to backend
  • Green Connected to backend
  • Green, blinking Connected to backend and reading

Determine the Mac Address and Serial number

The Mac Address and Serial number of the reader are required to connect to a read point. The Mac Address and Serial can be found on the bottom of the reader, the will be labeled as "MAC" and "S/N" respectively.

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