To use RFID data in your business application, you need to set-up a connection with Harmony. There are two ways to extract data from Harmony:

  • Static queries
  • Streaming data

Static queries

Static queries are used for example to get the current EPCs that are located near a specific read-point. Or to query all actions that happened between 5am and 10am this morning.

Static queries are done via a HTTPS/REST API.

Streaming data

Streaming data provides a real-time feed of all actions and current status as they happen. Harmony provides two main protocols to get the real-time feed: Microsoft SignalR and MQTT. SignalR is a Websocket-based protocol. Both protocols are supported by a broad range of programming languages, and have their pros and their cons.


To authenticate against the data extraction services, you need to get an API Token. Such a Token can be generated on the API Tokens page in Nedap Harmony.


Validity and scope

An API Token has (currently) an infinite validity and a wide scope. This will be more restricted in the future, but for now be careful in sharing and distributing API tokens.

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