To use RFID data in your business application, you need to set-up a connection with Harmony. There are two ways to extract data from Harmony:

  • Static queries
  • Streaming data

Static queries

Static queries are used for example to get the current EPCs that are located near a specific read-point. Or to query all actions that happened between 5am and 10am this morning.

Static queries are done via a HTTPS/REST API.

Streaming data

Streaming data provides a real-time feed of all actions and current status as they happen. Harmony provides a Microsoft SignalR based API to retrieve streaming data. SignalR is a Websocket-based protocol, and is supported by many programming languages. If it is not supported in your language, it is relatively straightforward to implement.


To authenticate against the data extraction services, you need to get an API Token. Such a Token can be generated on the API Tokens page in Nedap Harmony.


Validity and scope

An API Token has (currently) an infinite validity and a wide scope. This will be more restricted in the future, but for now be careful in sharing and distributing API tokens.