Master Data

A Master Data item has the following fields:

  • type string The type of the Master Data item. Can be any arbitrary value.
  • reference string A reference of the item.
  • description string Description of the item.
  • imageUrl URL URL with a relevant image. Should be hosted on HTTPS to be available in Applications.
  • details JSON object Any more details that are needed, can be any arbitrary JSON object.


gtin80614141123458T-Shirt White M
gtin80614141123469T-Shirt White L

Creating and updating

A Master Data item should be unique based on a combination of type and reference. So, there can never be two items with the same type and reference. If you try to do that, the previous item with the same type and reference will be replaced, instead of another one being added.

You can have multiple items of the same type, and you can also have multiple of the same reference, but with a different type.