A reader is the physical device that reads the RFID labels and runs the Harmony Reader Agent.


A read-point is where all the configuration of a reader resides. Each read-point is linked with one reader. Each read-point has a unique ID that is used in PI calls and real-time streams.


A workspace is an environment where all readers, read-points and data reside for one customer or one project. Data is separated per workspace, and you can create as many workspaces as you like. Each workspace has a unique ID that is used in API calls and real-time streams.


An action is a filtered RFID event, or another event that might be of interest. Nedap Harmony has the following actions:

  • RfidArrive A new RFID label has arrived in the field.
  • RfidStay An RFID label is staying in the field.
  • RfidLeave An RFID label has left the field.
  • RfidCurrent Overview of all current RFID labels in the field.
  • GpiChange Change in status of General Purpose Input (GPI) port.
  • HandheldTriggerChange Change in status of handheld trigger (only for handhelds).