Run as Touchpoint

When the application needs to be used in a production environment; the operator does not need full access to the Harmony platform. Therefore Harmony has functionality to run the application in stand-alone mode, which is called a 'Touchpoint'.

Set-up a Touchpoint

To set-up a Touchpoint, follow these steps:

  1. On the device the operator is using, open the webpage
  2. In the regular Harmony web application on your own machine, create a Touchpoint code by clicking the button next to a Read Point (button in between Settings and Delete).
  3. Enter this Touchpoint code in the operator terminal.
  4. Bookmark the page on the operator terminal.

Now the operator can use the applications assigned to the Readpoint.


Add Touchpoint to homescreen (iOS/iPadOS)

  1. Open the web-browser, and navigate to
  1. Select the 'Share' button and choose 'Add to Home Screen'.
  1. Confirm the name and press 'Add'.
  1. The Harmony app is now on the Home Screen, tap it to get started.
  1. Enter the Touchpoint code, as obtained in the previous section.