Nordic ID Sampo S2 and AR series

Open the web interface, as indicated by the sticker on the bottom of the reader, e.g.


Default username and password

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Update to the latest firmware

Navigate to 'System Update', and make sure the reader version is at least 1.3.10. If the version is older, please download a new version here and install this

Download reader agent

Click here to download the reader agent.

Install reader agent

Navigate to 'Applications'. Select 'Install new application' in the tabbar

Select and upload the .zip file as provided by Nedap Harmony

This will take a minute

When completed, select 'Application list', and you should be able to see that the application has been installed and is running


Do not change default username or password

They are currently needed to be set to default to get the Reader Agent to work. Support for non-standard usernames and password will be added later.

Determine the Mac Address and Serial number

The Mac Address and Serial number of the reader are required to connect to a read point. The Mac Address and Serial can be found on the bottom of the reader, the will be labeled as "ETH MAC" and "S/N" respectively.

What’s Next