Impinj R700

Open the web interface by navigating to e.g. http://impinj-13-9B-5D.local, where '13-9B-5D' is the last part of the MAC address of the reader


Default username and password

  • Username: root
  • Password: impinj

Download reader agent

Click here to download the reader agent.

Install reader agent


Firmware version 8.x or later

Impinj made a breaking change in version 8.x or later where you manually need to enable the ability to upload custom application packages (CAPs).

curl -f --insecure --header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ --location --request PUT http://root:impinj@impinj-AA-BB-CC/api/v1/system/cap/installation -d ‘{“mode”:”Open”}’

Next to 'Select Upgrade File', click 'Browse...' and select the .upgx file as provided by Nedap Harmony.

Press 'Upgrade'.

Wait until the reader states 'Waiting for manual reboot'.

Press the 'Reboot' button, confirm in the pop-up dialog, and wait until the countdown timer has expired. During the reboot process the 'System' LED should go from Yellow, to blinking Purple, to Green. Wait for this before creating a read point.


Association with Harmony

If you associate with Harmony, please remove all dashes ('-') from the serial number. So, 370-20-39-8975 should become 37020398975.

System LED status

  • Purple, blinking Connecting to backend
  • Red Not connected to backend
  • Green Connected to backend


Not working in Firmware version 8.x

The system LED is not working in Firmware version 8.x. Impinj is working on a fix for this problem.

Determine the Mac Address and Serial number

The Mac Address and Serial number of the reader are required to connect to a read point. The Mac Address and Serial can be found on the side of the reader.

What’s Next