Jadak ThingMagic Sargas and Izar

Try to find the hostname of the reader. This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Use a mDNS browser (like "Discovery") to discover the IP address, you can find it under _llrp._tcp, for example ThingMagic Unknown SARGAS-250000
  2. Use the hostname, which is in the form of SARGAS-250000.local, and printed on the case of the reader

Navigate to http://SARGAS-250000.local (with above modification) to access the web page of the reader.


Default username and password

  • Username: web
  • Password: radio

Update to the latest firmware

Update the reader to the latest firmware available. This firmware is available on the Jadak ThingMagic website.

You can update the firmware in the web interface under the 'Firmware' section.

Download reader agent

Click here to download the reader agent.

Install reader agent

To install the Harmony client, upload the *.deb file using the same Firmware page of the web interface you used before.

Unfortunately, the Jadak ThingMagic web page doesn't show the current status of the Harmony client, nor a way to uninstall the reader.

Uninstall the client

If you want to uninstall the client, you need to use SSH to acces a shell on the reader.

Default username: debian
Default password: rootsecure

Uninstall command:
sudo apt-get remove harmony-reader

What’s Next